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Author & Artist of Divinitas
ALRIGHT! For various reasons (a whim, a constant thought, because they're awesome), I have a mind to do some more YGO BL fanart. I'd like to do two:

1. Yami & Seto Kaiba
2. Malik & Bakura

Which versions of them? Um, whatever, because they'll be shoved in clothing of whatever strikes my fancy, but I always go for the dark version of Bakura and the evil but not insane version of Malik - because um, no, I'm not going to draw bulgy eyeballs and veins - plus, I like the more smoother hair of Malik's!

So what do I need from the fans? (And I KNOW you people watch me. >_> So if you don't answer me, I'll just take it as you're totally not interested and I won't bother!) Requests! Ideas! What kind of clothing would you like to see them in? What do you want them to be doing to each other??? (Keep it um, reasonable. I never have and probably never will draw anything too extreme or too naked - I LIKE CLOTHES, OKAY?)

Also, I like common themes / sets. I would like the two artworks to have a common theme, a balance of sorts. So... any takers? Please comment and let me know! XD

~ * ~

Oh yeah... I'll um, post the Elemental Pin Ups for Divinitas at some point... I am just entirely too lazy to atm, and I want to finish and post up the Masquerade pic of Phoenix first so he can sit snug next to Aether's pic! XDDDDD

I've also given up on making "The Knight and His Prince" into anything like a publication. If I ever do finish it, I'll just post it as text on my long long neglected website. X_x It's really just a crack version of the story proper anyway, so... of no great importance!

Current Divinitas Projects!!!

Working On:

~ Crimson (Ae tortures Ph pic! XD ) : Colouring
~ SOUL FIRE (Ae & Ph pic ) : Colouring
~ KNEEL (Throne Room Group Pic) : Thumnbnailed

~ Masquerade : Prelude to Divinitas
..... Story : Writing
..... Cover : Sketched
..... Illustrations : ? / ?
..... Aether Pinup : Finished
..... Phoenix Pinup : Colouring

Planned (maybe... because it just doesn't quite click):

~ Seven Sins Series (7 couples artworks)
..... LUST : Aether & Phoenix
..... WRATH : Aether & Ashura
..... GREED : Deus & Aether : Thumbnailed
..... GLUTTONY : Ari & Phoenix
..... SLOTH : Phoenix & Amias
..... PRIDE : Draco & Cyaneus
..... ENVY : Ari & Gryps : Thumbnailed

~ Moonlit Duel Ver. 2 (Ae & Ph, again!)
  • Watching: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi S2!!!
  • Playing: I'm trying not to play anything. >_>

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kirsty050 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016
i see you havnt been on here in a while but ive gotta try something
just noticed your cruelangel website is down, i was going to re-read your story again but i cant find it anywhere now, i remember it was supposed to be on livejournal but need to be your friend on there and again it looks like you havnt been on there in a while

if you do by any chance see this and have a back-up copy of divinitas could you please send me a copy to
i dont mind that its not finished, ive still had hope since 2007 that it will be but i loved it anyway, even have posters of some of the characters in my room
hope you see this, your story means a lot to me
kirsty050 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016
even if you dont see this for over a year ill still be happy to get the story so dont worry about how long after it is
ive waited since 2007 for an update, i think i can wait a little longer to get the story back
InkScaled Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday :cake:
burningrage8-13 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
For you by Digithalie  BlueButterflies by KmyGraphic  Happy-Birthday by KmyGraphic  BlueButterflies by KmyGraphic  For you by Digithalie  
Ryonami Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Happy B'day, hope you come back one day.
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